Clan Gathering - Drum Major / Band Manager

Drum Major David Morris picked up a set of drum sticks for the first time at 8 years old in the Boys' Brigade (14th London co.) He joined the 1st Battalion Irish Guards and passed an audition by the drum major to join the Irish Guards Pipes & Drums. Although playing with them his career was sadly cut short due to being injured in the 1974 Guildford bombings.

A long period away from drumming ended in the early 1980s when asked to become band master of the 14th Bromley Boys' Brigade co. Several times lads from his band winning solo drumming awards in London and several times winning bugle band & drum corps awards.
David retired from the Boys' Brigade as Captain after 15 years. Running current with this David became a pipe band snare drummer again playing & guesting with pipe bands all over the south east, Kent & London.
In 2002 he joined the London Scottish Regiments Pipes & Drums leaving the band in 2012 (as the then longest serving member of the drum corps). He cut 2 cd's during his time with them 'Strike Sure' & 'Tunes of Glory'. David is now an association London Scottish member.

He has travelled all over the world touring with various bands (too numerous to mention) and taken part in every type of military state occasion from dinners at St James' palace to Beating Retreat on Horse Guards, Windsor Castle Tattoo, meeting the royal family & having nearly all of them officiate at one event or another he has taken part in.

Since 2007 David has been a team drummer with Psalm Drummers taking him into the drummer/percussion arena and he is honoured to be part of the work the Psalm Drummers do & the values they promote. From huge arenas such as Millwall Stadium to some of the outdoor events such as Wiston House in Sussex. David is now running its London group.

'My part in the Universal Musical Les Miserables (starring Russell Crow & Hugh Jackman) as a front row l/h leading Drummer/French grenadier was a truly amazing and unforgettable experience!'

'The Concept of the Clan Gathering was conceived by me in principle some years ago to bring together military background musicians to form a professional band in quite a different way and style to any other band, while still remaining true to the high standards expected by serving military bands but also adding the modern flair and music in the Scots dragoon style.
Our aim is to entertain you and bring something different and special to your event or occasion which we hope you will always look back on with fond memories.'
- David Morris