ARCHY JAY - The snake Charmer


The Snake Charmer is not the title someone would be likely to choose for themselves knowing India’s history as it has its own pros and cons...

...but neither do people take the risk presenting their renditions of classics where they experiment to such a great extent that either leads to a massive round of applause and standing ovations or they’ll hate you forever for it. A classic is a classic and no one should mess with it but Archy Jay has been a little daredevil in herself and did both those tasks.

Popularly known as The Snake Charmer, she took the world by storm with her dubstep version of AC/DC‘s - 'Thunderstruck' with bagpipes. Now there’s a combination you may not have heard the past.

Archy Jay, perfectly named The Snake Charmer because of her own unique sound with the pipes has released a couple of videos in the past that included a cover of the Game of Thrones theme, Inis Mona by Eluveitie.

Experimenting at this level is quite perilous but you surely won’t have the treats unless someone is innovative enough to try and that person is Archy Jay.