About Us

Formed from an idea by our now Drum Major David Morris based on a long CV in & around Corporate Entertainment of the Celtic & Pipe band style, helped in no small measure due to his (and others) time in The Pipes & Drums of the London Scottish Regiment [20002/2012 P&D's and assoc to date].

Celticlondon Agency & The Pipes And Drums Clan Gathering London were formed after leaving the London jocks (pipe band) in 2012. After 5 years (entering our 6th as this is being compiled in Jan 2018) we are west of 300 performances so we consider that we’ve got most things right (not all of course!) which is a pretty fair achievement.

Since the Network was widened considerably in recent years, we have made so many friends and colleagues.

Our thanks are owed to so many and here are just a few of them:

and not forgetting...

Daragh, Dr Kieran Cooney, Dr Daniel Fink, Mr Mitch (New York Cop) Kaplan, Chris the web man & many, many more. Sorry if we missed you!

Pipes & Drums Clan Gathering London supports: